Belkin uses dual-plane antennas to provide large home coverage.

LAN & WAN Interfaces

Belkin N600 is equipped with Gigabit ports for high-speed data transfer. With gigabit ports, you can play multiplayer games smoothly and responsively. Netgear N600 is equipped with Fast-Ethernet 10/100Mbps – not gigabit ports. This is fast enough for normal wired connection to the computers, but not fast enough for large data transfer rate, video streaming, and multiplayer gaming.

USB Port

Belkin N600 routers are embedded with two USB ports to allow you share external storage and printer at the same time. The router supports USB hard drives which are formatted in FAT 16/32 and NTFS file systems.

Belkin also includes Torrent Mate App to help you manage the download from Torrent to keep downloading even when your computer is shutdown. The router also includes the Print Zone App to help you manage the print jobs from any computers within the network wirelessly.

The Netgear N600 includes one USB port, but it is not designed for sharing the printer. The port with its ReadySHARE technology is used to share the USB storage access which supports FAT16/32, NTFS Read/Write. If you require sharing the printer within the network, you need to add a print-server. So if the printer is very important in your network, you better choose the Belkin N600 routers.

Guest Secure Access

Belkin N600 supports single SSID for your wireless network name. But Netgear N600 supports multiple SSIDs. With multiple SSIDs you can create separate security boundary for guest secure access. Multiple SSID or guest secure access is ideal for offices where business partners / visitors frequently come to your office and require wireless internet access from their laptops.

So if the different security policies for different groups of users are required, Netgear N600 is your router. Netgear N600 also includes free live parental control for clean internet. But for your home network, Belkin N600 can be your preference router with the capability of sharing the storage and printer at the same time.

Other features between the Belkin N600 and Netgear N600 are nearly the same including WPA/WPA2 wireless security, NAT and SPI firewall, Quality of Services (QoS) and WMM (wireless multi-media) based QoS.

Knowing the manufacturer specs is very important in deciding to purchase the router for your wireless network environment. Belkin N600 router might be the best for your home needs but it might not be appropriate for offices environments.

By Ki Grinsing

Although market is proliferated with ADSL wireless routers, but Belkin ADSL Wireless Router has proved a breakthrough for the internet users after the introduction of wireless technology that connects several users to the internet via the same connection. Now connection and file sharing without cable is no more a problem. Belkin ADSL Wireless Routers has two parts; the first is modem that you connect with ADSL phone connection and the router connects it to your all computers via four port wired Ethernet connections or via 802.11g Ethernet standard protocol.

Belkin ADSL Wireless Router has several other qualities that makes it easier to use. It can transfer all types of data at the speed of 54 Mbps including files comprising videos and movies. With its features of security modes including WPA, 128 bit WEP and 62bit WEP encryption, it has excelled in performance in providing security to its users as compared to other competitors in the market. belkin wireless g router, belkin router, belkin router